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Fire Risk Assessment

Film and TV Fire Safety. Whilst the UK Television and Film industry can be a very unique environment to work in, it is not exempt from current Fire Safety workplace legislation. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires ALL businesses to carry out 'suitable and sufficient' Fire Risk Assessments.

Fire Risk Assessment

This is the process of evaluating factors that determine fire hazards, the likelihood of fire, and the subsequent consequences should a fire occur. For businesses employing five or more employees, which is inevitably always the case during film production, there is a legal requirement to document the findings in writing.

Whether in the studio, on Location, or at Unit Base, a legal requirement also lies with the 'Responsible Person' to regularly review the Fire Risk Assessment.

At 'ACTION Fire Safety' we can provide a bespoke and comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment, that not only complies with current Fire Safety Legislation but also provides reassurance to you, that your people, your business, and unique work environment remains safe from the potential impact and effects of fire.

The Fire Risk Assessment will clearly identify what is required and what is recommended, and we ensure to consistently engage and work with our customers to discuss practically what options are available to achieve compliance.

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