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Fire Safety When Using Plant on a Film Set

Fire Safety When Using Plant on a Film Set

Reviewing Plant and Equipment as a part of the Fire Risk Assessment

On a film or TV set there is an inevitable need for a variety of different plant and equipment, however, where possible, this should always be appropriate for the task to be carried out and the suitability for it's siting. For example, it may be acceptable to use a small generator in an open, well ventilated building or compartment constructed of non-combustible materials. This however, may not be suitable in a confined space or a basement.

Correct maintenance of equipment must be carried out, filters and intakes should be regularly cleaned, especially if used or stored in dusty conditions.

Any operation or refuelling of equipment must not take place in confined spaces, and no refuelling should ever take place on scaffolding or on fire escape routes. It should always take place in a well ventilated area,ideally in open air and away from any possible ignition sources.

It is also important to be aware of the risks when using portable petrol fuelled generators for heating or lighting either indoors or in partially enclosed areas. Their use in these conditions can cause carbon monoxide poisoning possibly causing serious illness or death. The exhaust fumes of any internal combustion engine can cause this hazard.

Consideration should be given to using equipment powered by mains electricity, battery, or compressed air if they are available and can be used safely.

Temporary lighting can also become an ignition source if broken or not used properly. If mounted on a tripod they should be secured so that they will not topple over and should not be covered over unless designed to do so. Spacing of lighting is also important, as if placed too close to combustible materials then the risk of fire is obviously increased.

All the previous points should be covered under the Ignition Sources area of the Fire Risk Assessment.