Action Fire Safety

Highly Flammable Liquids and LPG

Highly Flammable Liquids and LPG

Storage of Flammable Liquids and LPG

When working On Set or on Location flammable liquids should be kept in a safe place, they are frequently used during the set build process but also when filming for such things as: heating cast and crew areas, keeping costume storage free from cold and dampness, and also Catering. LPG cylinders should be kept in a safe place in a separate building or in the open air. When storing, for example at Unit Base, storage should be restricted to no more than 50 litres, which should be kept in a special secure metal container or caged area. The external storage area must be at least 3 metres away from any marquees, trailers, vehicles, drains or excavations.

If, for some reason containers need to be kept inside, then they should be in special fire-resisting storage, which should be:

  • Provided with spillage arrangements if necessary
  • Properly ventilated
  • Free from any ignition sources, sources of static electricity, unprotected electrical equipment, naked flames or smoking materials
  • Of fire resisting construction
  • Used for empty and full containers, and all cyclinders must be kept closed
  • Kept clear of combustible materials such as wood, cardboard, and foam packaging materials.
  • Well kept, clean and tidy at all times
  • Locked and secure at all times when not in use

You can also refer to the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations which apply to the use and storage of highly flammable substances.