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The Two Ways to Address Fire in the Film Industry

The Two Ways to Address Fire in the Film Industry

There are two ways of addressing fire in the TV and Film industry and this holds true whether the fire is at the studio or when filming out on location.

The first is to prevent it happening in the first place...sounds obvious! But through a mixture of complacency and the lack of knowledge/awareness of fire safety, and the production of an adequate Fire Risk Assessment it is all too familiar and could contribute to an unsafe environment and an accident waiting to happen.

The second way to address a fire situation is to prepare and deal with the consequences if it does happen. This would be through general fire precautions and the inclusion of an emergency fire plan included within the fire risk assessment.

Prevention is better than cure, but both are necessary to ensure the safety of cast, crew, and visitors.

The precautionary measures needed depend on the risks involved. However, for bigger productions, a written risk assessment will always be required. For smaller productions then a simple fire risk assessment will be needed. Either way, the assessment should be carried out by someone who has an in-depth understanding of fire, it's causes, and the effect it can have at any given time on the studio or set environment and the people either working or present there.